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Gönderen Konu: Passive ile ilgili gramer soruları ve cevapları  (Okunma sayısı 4420 defa)

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Passive ile ilgili gramer soruları ve cevapları
« : 08 Kasım 2010, 14:33:41 »

Make these sentences passive.
Example Germany has exported thousands of cars
to Asia.
Thousands of cars have been exported
to Asia from Germany.

1 They have made hundreds of employees redundant
in local government.
Hundreds of employees _____________________ .

2 Do you know if they have completed the tunnel
Do you know if the tunnel ___________________ ?
3 The people of the region have chosen a new mayor.
A new mayor ______________________________ .
4 They have made huge improvements in the
development of drugs.
Huge improvements ________________________ .
5 Teenagers in Europe have voted Michael Jackson
as one of the best singers of the year.
Michael Jackson ___________________________ .
6 Can you tell me if they have delivered my parcel
Can you tell me if my parcel ________________?

4 Circle the correct form of the verb.
Example I wanted to speak /speaking/speak to
you yesterday.

1 They enjoyed be/being/to be on holiday by the sea.
2 The weather was awful. It didn’t stop raining/
to rain/rain all week.
3 We hope arriving/to arrive/arrive by half past
4 My sister has agreed help/helping/to help with the
5 She loves to work/work/working for herself.
6 Please let me to pay/pay/paying for the drinks.
7 My health wasn’t very good so I stopped smoking/
to smoke/smoke.
8 We chose travelling/travel/to travel by boat rather
than by plane.
9 The food was awful. It made me feeling/feel/to feel
10 They managed save/saving/to save enough to buy a

5 Complete the sentences using the verb in brackets +
somebody + to + infinitive.

Example ‘Please get some stamps,’ she said to him.
She asked him to get some stamps.
1 ‘Would you like to go to a party?’ Helen said to
Ann. (invite)
Helen ____________________________________ .
2 ‘You should go to the doctor’s,’ my friend said to
me. (advise)
My friend _________________________________ .
3 ‘Don’t forget to pay the phone bill,’ he said to her.(remind)
He _______________________________________ .
4 ‘Turn the TV down!’ my Dad shouted to us. (tell)
My Dad __________________________________ .
5 ‘Be careful not to sunbathe for too long,’ James
said to Chris. (warn)
James ____________________________________ .
6 ‘I’d rather you didn’t smoke in the house,’ she said
to them. (would prefer)
She ______________________________________ .

6 Put the verbs in brackets into the correct form (-ing or
to + infinitive).
Example We’ve finished decorating (decorate) the
1 I can’t stand __________ (work) in an office.
2 We expect you __________ (arrive) on time.
3 It was a wonderful holiday. I will always remember
__________ (see) Niagara Falls.
4 I would hate __________ (miss) your party.
5 They can’t promise __________ (finish) the work
6 He hates __________ (use) computers.
7 I’m really looking forward to __________ (start)
my new course.
8 They can’t help us __________ (move) house.
9 She refused __________ (answer) the phone.


7 Write indirect questions or statements.
Example What time is it?
Could you tell me what time it is?
1 Who’s that girl over there?
I wonder __________________________________ .
2 Have you had any experience of working with
I’d like to know_____________________________ .
3 Where’s the director’s office?
Do you happen to know _____________________ ?
4 What day is the meeting on?
I can’t remember ___________________________ .
5 Does she still work in marketing?
I’m not sure _______________________________ .
6 Did you feel satisfied with the service?
Can you tell me ____________________________ ?
7 How far is it from Manchester to Birmingham?
I’ve no idea ________________________________ .
8 Should we wear formal or casual clothes for the
I’ve no idea ________________________________ .
9 Have you ever applied to this company before?
Would you mind telling me___________________ ?
10 What time does the next train leave?
Have you any idea __________________________ ?

8 Report the questions and statements.
Example ‘Have you got a ticket for the concert?’
they asked.
They asked me if I had a ticket for the
1 ‘Will you be able to play in the team?’ he asked.
He asked _________________________________ .
2 ‘What do you think of the new art gallery?’ she
asked them.
She asked them ____________________________ .
3 ‘We must leave early tomorrow,’ they told us.
They told us _______________________________ .
4 ‘I’ve been travelling a lot for my work,’ she said.
She said __________________________________ .
5 ‘I may look for a new flat in a couple of months,’
he told me.
He told me ________________________________ .
6 ‘We didn’t enjoy the holiday very much,’ they said.
They said _________________________________ .


9 Report the following statements and questions.
Examples ‘I’m not feeling very well,’ he said.
He said that he wasn’t feeling very well.
‘Do you know Mr Anderson?’ she asked.
She asked if I knew Mr Anderson.
1 ‘Do you want to go for a drink? they asked.
They asked ________________________________ .
2 ‘We’ve decided to get married,’ they told their
They told their parents ______________________ .
3 ‘How many times have you been to the United
States?’ she asked me.
She asked me ______________________________ .
4 ‘I won’t be able to leave until seven o’clock,’ he told
He told me ________________________________ .
5 ‘I can’t swim very well,’ she said.
She said __________________________________ .
6 ‘We took a taxi to the station,’ they told me.
They told me ______________________________ .
7 ‘Our luggage has been damaged,’ they said.
They said _________________________________ .
8 ‘Are you going to school tomorrow?’ he asked me.
He asked me ______________________________ .
9 ‘We may stay until the weekend,’ they said.
They said _________________________________ .
10 ‘Where have you been living?’ they asked.
They asked ________________________________




10 Change the sentences into indirect speech using the
reporting verbs in the box. Use each word once.

tell refuse remind offer advise agree invite
order beg promise warn
‘Tidy your bedroom!’ Chris said to the children.
Chris told the children to tidy their bedroom.
1 ‘I think you ought to see the doctor,’ Jo said to me.
Jo _______________________________________ .
2 ‘Don’t play with matches or you’ll burn yourself,’
Sally said to her son.
Sally _____________________________________ .
3 ‘Shall we invite the neighbours to the party?’ John
asked me. ‘Yes, OK,’ I said.
I ________________________________________ .
4 ‘Please, please, please help me! I’m desperate!’ the
man said to us.
The man __________________________________ .
5 ‘Don’t worry! You can rely on me – I’ll sort out the
problem,’ Jane said.
Jane _____________________________________ .
6 ‘Don’t forget to call the dentist’s!’ I said to him.
I ________________________________________ .
7 ‘I’ll carry your case for you,’ my son said.
My son ___________________________________ .
8 ‘Shut up and sit down!’ the soldier said to them.
The soldier ________________________________ .
9 ‘I won’t speak to him!’ she said.
She ______________________________________ .
10 ‘Would you like to go for a drink?’ they said to us.
They _____________________________________ .


11. Complete the sentences using must, can’t, could, or
might. Sometimes more than one modal verb is possible.
Example I’m not sure if he’s a singer or a musician.
He might be a singer or a musician. OR
He could be a singer or a musician.
1 We’re absolutely sure they’ve got our money.
They _____________________________________ .
2 Perhaps she’ll arrive this afternoon.
She ______________________________________ .
3 It’s impossible that they are brother and sister.
They _____________________________________ .
4 I’m not sure if he’s Spanish or Italian.
He _______________________________________ .
5 I can’t believe that he’s the new manager.
He _______________________________________ .
6 I’m certain that she’s in the office.
She ______________________________________ .
7 Perhaps the bag belongs to Helen.
The bag __________________________________ .
8 I’m convinced that it’s his fault.
It ________________________________________




12 Respond to the statements or questions using the words
in brackets.
Example It’s snowing and you aren’t wearing a
jacket. (must, very)
You must be very cold!
1 All the lights are off and no one is answering the
door. (can’t, at home)
__________________________________________ .
2 He looks like her and he’s too young to be her
husband. (must, son)
__________________________________________ .
3 I don’t know where the cat is. (could, under the bed)
__________________________________________ .
4 Whose car is that outside our house? (might,
__________________________________________ .
5 I can hear Louise playing the violin. (must, practise
for her exam)
__________________________________________ .
6 They’re only in their fifties but neither of them
work. (can’t, retired)
__________________________________________ .
7 We’ve got a letter with the postmark Edinburgh.
Who do you think it’s from? (could, William)
__________________________________________ .
8 I’ve tried phoning the office several times but
there’s no answer. (might, have lunch)
__________________________________________ .



13 Respond to the statements or questions using the words
in brackets.
Example She didn’t reply to my letter. (can’t,
She can’t have received it.
1 Why aren’t they speaking to each other? (might,
have an argument)
__________________________________________ .
2 I have just seen a bank robbery. (must, be
__________________________________________ .
3 I don’t want my dinner. (can’t, finish already)
__________________________________________ .
4 She walked straight past me without saying hello.
(can’t, see)
__________________________________________ .
5 The team lost 5–0. (must, play badly)
__________________________________________ .
6 They’ve bought two new cars and a boat in the last
month. (could, win the lottery)
__________________________________________ .
7 They came back from holiday three days early.
(might, have bad weather)
__________________________________________ .
8 Where’s my calculator? (could, leave it at school)

14 Complete the sentences with in, on, at, ago, for, since,
while, during, or nothing.

Example I’m leaving in July.
1 She started acting __________ the age of twelve.
2 It’s been raining __________ early this morning.
3 They got divorced __________ they were living
4 I saw them __________ last Sunday.
5 I’m tired. We’ve been walking __________ hours.
6 She left the house hours __________ .
7 Shall we meet __________ half past nine?
8 We all had a wonderful time __________ their
wedding day.
9 I felt really sick __________ the flight to
New York.
10 My parents were born __________ the 1930s.


15 Write the opposites of the following adjectives.
Example tidy – untidy
generous – mean
1 hard-working – ____________
2 reliable – ____________
3 outgoing – ____________
4 moody – ____________
5 patient – ____________
6 sensitive – ____________
7 ambitious – ____________
8 pessimistic – ____________


16 Complete the sentences with a multi-word verb from the
box. Put a pronoun in the correct place where
look after give up run out of get over look up
pick up turn on not take off bring up
Example My mother worked when I was young so
my aunt looked after me.

1 Can you go to the supermarket because we
____________________ bread?
2 I was worried about learning Spanish but I
____________________ really quickly.
3 I __________ just __________ his number in the
phone book but I can’t find it.
4 We’re going to be late because the plane
____________________ yet.
5 My favourite programme is on TV. Can you
____________________ ?
6 My parents travelled a lot so my sister
__________ me __________ .
7 He must be very strong. He __________ already
__________ his accident.
8 I didn’t really enjoy learning French so I
____________________ .


17 Complete the sentences with the correct form of the
phrasal verbs from the box. Some of the verbs are in the
passive. Not all the verbs are used.

put on / take off / take after / take out / put off
take back /put out / put away / put down
put up with take over

Example She puts on make-up twice a day.

1 My new computer didn’t work so I ____ it ____ to
the shop.
2 My memory is hopeless. I have to ____ everything
____ in my diary.
3 They’re worried about their jobs. Their company
____________________ next month.
4 I won’t ____________________ any rudeness from
the children.
5 Start your homework now! __________ it ____
until later!
6 There’s no danger now as the fire
____________________ .
7 After a lot of financial difficulty, her business
suddenly __________ last year.
8 You should help me tidy up the house. I’m fed up
with __________ everything ____ myself.


18 Complete the sentences with the correct form of the
words in brackets.
Example I hit my head and I don’t know how long
I lay on the floor unconsciousand
helpless. (conscious, help)

1 My friend told lies about me – I was shocked at her
__________ and __________ . (kind, loyal)
2 The boys broke into an old, __________ factory
and caused __________ damage. (use, measure)
3 The two main qualities I need are __________ and
__________ . (mature, reliable)
4 Thanks to extra teachers and money, the
government’s campaign against __________ has
been __________ . (literate, success)
5 I complained to the manager because the staff were
__________ and __________ . (polite, help)

19 Read the text. Mark the statements true (T) or
false (F).
A Women generally live six years longer than men.
Evidence suggests that boys are the weaker sex
at birth, which means that more die in infancy.
Also women do not have as much heart disease
as men. In terms of lifestyle, men smoke more
than women and thus more die of smokingrelated
diseases. They also drink more and are
generally more aggressive in behaviour,
particularly when driving cars, so they are more
likely to die in accidents. Also, they generally
have more dangerous occupations, such as
building work.
Historically, women died in childbirth and men in
wars. Hence nuns and philosophers often lived to
great ages. Now, childbearing is less risky and
there are fewer wars. The country with the
highest life expectancy is Japan, where the
average age for men is 76 and for women 82.

1 More boys die as babies or small children
than girls. ____
2 Women suffer more from heart disease and
smoking-related diseases than men. ____
3 Men have more car accidents when
driving drunk. ____
4 Nuns used to live for a long time because
they didn’t have children. ____
5 Nowadays having children is less dangerous
to women’s health than it used to be. ____
6 The difference in average life expectancy
of women compared with men is greater
in Japan than in other countries.



1 (nothing)
2 who
3 that/which
4 which
5 (nothing)
6 why
7 when
8 whose
9 where
10 (nothing)


1 You should have told me about the
2 We wish you wouldn’t speak to us like
3 I’d rather you hadn’t told her.
4 I should have helped them.
5 If only we could have got to the
6 We’d rather have spoken to the manager.
7 If only I’d paid the fine on time.
8 I wish I hadn’t spent so much this


1 Hundreds of employees have been made
redundant in local government.
2 Do you know if the tunnel has been
completed yet?
3 A new mayor has been chosen by the
people of the region.
4 Huge improvements have been made in the
development of drugs.
5 Michael Jackson has been voted (as) one of
the best singers of the year by teenagers in
6 Can you tell me if my parcel has been
delivered yet?


 KEY 4

1. being 2. raining 3. to arrive 4. to help 5. working

6.pay 7. smoking 8. to travel 9. feel 10. to save


1. Helen invited Ann to go to a party.

2. My friend advised me to go to the doctor's.

3. He reminded her to pay the phone bill.

4. My dad told us to turn the TV down.

5. James warned Chris not to sunbathe for too long.

6. She would prefer them not to smoke in the house.



1. working 2. to arrive 3. seeing 4. to miss 5. to finish 6. using

7. starting 8. to move 9. to answer 10. driving 11. to set up 12. to stay up




1 I wonder who that girl is over there.
2 I’d like to know if/whether you have had
any experience of working with children.
3 Do you happen to know where the
director’s office is?
4 I can’t remember what day the meeting is
5 I’m not sure if/whether she still works in
6 Can you tell me if/whether you felt satisfied
with the service?
7 I’ve no idea how far it is from
Manchester to Birmingham.
8 I’ve no idea if/whether we should wear
formal or casual clothes for the party.
9 Would you mind telling me if/whether
you have ever applied to this company
10 Have you any idea what time the next
train leaves?


1 He asked me if/whether I would be able
to play in the team.
2 She asked them what they thought of
the new art gallery.
3 They told us they had to leave early the
next day.
4 She said she had been travelling a lot for
her work.
5 He told me he might look for a new flat
in a couple of months.
6 They said they hadn’t enjoyed the
holiday very much.


1 They asked if I wanted to go for a drink.
2 They told their parents they had decided
to get married.
3 She asked me how many times I had
been to the United States.
4 He told me he wouldn’t be able to leave
until seven o’clock.
5 She said she couldn’t swim very well.
6 They told me they had taken a taxi to
the station.
7 They said their luggage had been
8 He asked me if I was going to school
9 They said they might stay until the
10 They asked where I had been living.

KEY 10
1 Jo advised me to see the doctor.
2 Sally warned her son not to play with
3 I agreed to invite the neighbours to the
4 The man begged us to help him.
5 Jane promised to sort out the problem.
6 I reminded him to call the dentist’s.
7 My son offered to carry my case.
8 The soldier ordered them to shut up and
sit down.
9 She refused to speak to him.
10 They invited us to go for a drink.

KEY 11-12-13


1 They must have our money.
2 She might/could arrive this afternoon.
3 They can’t be brother and sister.
4 He might/could be Spanish or Italian.
5 He can’t be the new manager.
6 She must be in the office.
7 The bag might/could belong to Helen.
8 It must be his fault.

1 They can’t be at home.
2 He must be her son.
3 It could be under the bed.
4 It might be the neighbour’s.
5 She must be practising for her exam.
6 They can’t be retired.
7 It could be from William.
8 They might be having lunch.



1 They might have had an argument.
2 You must have been frightened.
3 You can’t have finished already.
4 She can’t have seen you.
5 They must have played badly.
6 They could have won the lottery.
7 They might have had bad weather.
8 You could have left it at school.

KEY 14

1. at 2. since 3. while 4. -- 5. for 6. ago 7. at 8. on 9. during 10. in 

 Key 15

1. lazy 2. unreliable 3. shy / reserved 4. easy-going / happy

5. impatient 6. insensistive 7. unambitious 8. optimistic


KEY 16

1 have run out of
2 picked it up
3 have just looked up
4 hasn’t taken off
5 turn it on
6 brought me up
7 has already got over
8 gave (it) up

KEY 17

1 took it back
2 put everything down
3 is being taken over
4 put up with
5 Don’t put it off
6 has been put out
7 took off
8 putting everything away

Key 18
1. unkindness 2. disused 3. maturity 4. illiteracy 5. impolite

6. disloyalty 7. immeasurable 8. reliability 9. successful 10. unhelpful


KEY 19 : 7 1 T 2 F 3 F 4 T 5 T 6 F


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