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Zıt Anlamlılar / Opposites – İngilizce Zıt Anlamlı Kelimeler


better-worsedaha iyi-daha kötü
free-occupied serbest-meşgul
here-there burada-orada
heavy-light ağır-hafif
old-young ihtiyar-genç
open-shut açık-kapalı




a) raise, raised,
raised (transitive)

The supermarket raised its
prices twice last week.

b) rise, rose, risen (intransitive)

Prices rose three times last week.


c) arouse, aroused,
aroused (transitive)

The mans peculiar behaviour aroused
the polices suspicion.

arise, arose, arisen (intransitive)

Their suspicion arose because
of the mans peculiar behaviour.


set, set, set (transitive)

set the chair at the head of the table.

f)   sit, sat, sat (intransitive)

My father sat at the head of the table.


ğ) lay, laid, laid (transitive)

We laid the carpet
after wed painted the walls.

h) lie,* lay, lain (intransitive)

I lay on the sofa after
dinner and went to sleep.


1)  bind, bound, bound (tie up)

He bound the dog to the fence with a long rope.

J)   bound, bounded, bounded (1. border 2. jump)

Luxembourg is bounded
by Belgium, Germany

and France.

The dog was bounding across
the field.


find, found, found

I found
your pen on top of the fridge.

1)   found, founded, founded (establish)

Mao Tse-Tung founded the Peoples
Republic of China.


m) grind, ground, ground (crush into

In the past people ground wheat
into flour using large stones.

o) wind, wound,
wound (twist, turn) He wound
the string into a tight ball.

n) ground, grounded, grounded (compli to stay on the ground)

The authorities grounded the
plane for safety checks.

p) wound, wounded, wounded (injure) The gun shots wounded several people.


q) fall, fell, fallen

She fell as she was getting off the bus.

r) fell, felled, felled (cut down)

They felled the tree
because it was getting too big.


s) see, saw, seen

They saw
an accident while driving to work.

t)  saw, sawed, sawed/sawn (cut with a saw) He sawed the
wood into equal lengths.


u) hang, hung, hung (suspend something)

They hung a flag
from the window for Republic Day.

hang, banged, hanged (kill someone by hanging)

The leader of the Pakistani
military coup, General Zia ul-Huq, hanged President
Bhutto in 1979.


Lie  yalan söylemek anlamındaysa, düzenli
bir fiildir: She fled to us about her
coming late.

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İngilizcede en çok karıştırılan kelimer, confusing words

1-5   CONFUSING WORDSInstruction:      Choose the correct answer.1-    Although his story sounded very convincing at first, it turned out that the whole thing was ………. .    A) constructed    B) manufactured    C) fabricated                                                           D) grown        E) materialised2-    Her qualifications were excellent, but what the director particularly liked about her was her ……….. manner.    A) confident        B) confidential    C) confusing       D) complex        E) conflicted3-    The cost of rail………. has only risen slightly over the past few years.    A) travel        B) voyage    C) cruise                                                                 D) journey        E) vacation4-    If Aston Villa ………. the championship this season, they will play in the European Champions League next season.    A) score        B) beat        C) draw                                                               D)gain        E) win        5-    The ………. tyrant, Maximillian Robespierre, was responsible  for the Reign of Terror in France, lasting from 1793 to 1794, during which thousands of people of all classes were beheaded by the guillotine.    A) genius        B) infamous    C) faithful                                                               D) unknown        E) invaluable6-    Our trainer ………. us how to use the safety equipment.    A) advised        B) suggested    C) invited                                                                D) showed        E) asked7-    Most citizens of Britain, …….. the insane and criminals, can be called to jury service, that is to help decide the guilt or innocence of an accused person.A) denying        B) excluding    C) implementing                                                D) discovering        E) adopting8-    Taxi drivers in Istanbul………. their prices by thirty percent last week.A) rose        B) ascended    C) raised                                                             D) arose        E) aroused9-    The area was almost bare, having only a few small bushes, so there was hardly any ………. to sit under at all.A) shade        B) silhouettes    C) jungle                                                             D) shadow        E) forest10-    Pyrite is better known as fools gold because, although at first sight it appears similar to gold, in contrast to the high price of gold, it is virtually ………. .A) invaluable        B) costly        C) genuine                                                          D) creditable        E) worthless11-    The words dear and deer sound ………. however, they have completely different meanings.A) likely        B) alive        C) likeable                                                          D) alike        E) lively12- The ………. reason that he changed his job was that he didnt like travelling abroad on business.A) principal        B) moral        C) morale                                                            D) eligible        E) principle13- Your dress looks lovely. Bright floral fabrics have always ………. you. A) fitted        B) matched    C) suited                                                             D) complimented    E) appealed14- The doctor is with another patient at the moment, but he will be available …………. .A) currently        B) presently    C) permanently                                               D) occasionally    E) momentarily15- Tour advice about living in Istanbul was ………. to me and helped me settle in here quickly and easily.A) worthless        B) valueless    C) worthy                                                        D) invaluable        E) viable16- Climbers attach ropes to themselves and to the rock face they are climbing in order to ……….. themselves from falling very far if they slip.A) avoid        B) ignore        C) dissuade                                                     D) prevent        E) miss17- While digging the foundations of the new council offices, the workmen ………. the remains of a Roman bath.A) invented        B) indicated    C) displayed    D) devised        E) discovered    18- You can use the company car at the weekend as long as you are careful with it and dont……….. it.A) disuse        B) dissolve    C) unuse                                                             D) refuse        E) misuse19- Weve decided to sell our car and buy a more …………… one, which wont keep breaking down at the most inconvenient times.A) reliable        B) dependent    C) sensible                                                      D) audible        E) sensitive20- Has anybody got any ………. suggestions of how we can celebrate our clubs tenth anniversary?A) insensitive        B) sensitive    C) senseless                                                     D) sensible        E) insensible21- I thought I had just mislaid my glasses, but. as Ive been looking for them for two days without success, Im beginning to think Ive ………. them. A) loosened        B) lost        C) founded                                                       D) broken        E) crashed22- When we were children, our grandfather used to ………. us wonderful stories about his adventures in India.A) say        B) comment    C) state                                                            D) talk        E) tell23-   Forty percent of Americas immense prison population are ………. and a total of 21 million ordinary Americans cannot even read at a fourth-grade level.A) illiterate        B) illegitimate    C) edible                                                          D) illegible        E) eligible24-   Police have never been able to identify the men who ……….. paintings from the National Art Gallery seven years ago.A) robbed        B) kidnapped    C) mugged                                                       D) stole        E) broke into25- Look! If we sign up for a Gima card, we could win something and the top ……….. is a Fiat Uno. A) gift        B) price        C) reward                                                            D) medal        E) prizeCONFUSING WORDS (pg.23)l.C      2.A        3.A      4.E    5.B       6.D      7.B       8.C       9.A      10.E11.D  12.A    13.C   14.B  15.D    16.D    17.E     18.E     19.A      20.D21.B  22.E    23.A   24.D    25.E