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IMPERATIVE   (Go, Dont go)

1- These are imperatives: Bunlar emir cümleleridir. Go. Help. Come. Wait. We use the imperatives like this: Emir cümlerini bu şekilde kullanırız: Come in! Have a cup of tea. Turn left at the post office. Dont touch! Its hot. Note that sometimes the imperatives are one word, but often we give more information: Dikkat ediniz emir cümleleri bazen tek bir kelimedir fakat genelde biz daha fazla bilgi veririz. Help! Help me! Help me with my suitcase. We can say please after an imperative to be more polite: Daha nazik olmak için emir cümlerinin sonunda Please kullanırız. Help me with my suitcase, please. Hurry up, please. Were late. Come here, please. Listen to me, please. 2- We use Do not or Dont like this: Olumsuz emir cümlelerini bu şekilde kullanırız. Dont be late. Dont forget your books! Dont wait for me. We normally use the short form Dont 3- We use the imperative: Emir cümlerini kullanırız:

  • to give instructions:
  • Talimatlar vermek için Turn right at he corner. Dont forget your passport.

  • to give warnings:
  • Uyarılar vermek için Look out! Theres a car coming. Be careful! That box is too heavy.

  • To give advice:
  • Öğüt vermek için Have a rest. You look tired. Take a coat. Its cold today. Dont see that film. Its terrible!

  • to ask people to do things:
  • İnsanlardan birşey yapmalarını istemek için Come in please, and sit down. Listen to this song. Its wonderful. Pass the butter, please.

  • to make offers:
  • Teklifler yapmak için Have another orange juice. Make yourself a cup of coffee.

  • to wish things:
  • Birşeyler dilemek için Have a good trip! Have a nice holiday!


      A. Test. Boşluğa hangi emir cümleri gelmelidir?

    1. ……….. for me. Im not coming tonight.
    ADont forget    BDont wait    CDont listen to me    DDont be late    
    2. …………. an umbrella with you. Its raining.
    AOpen     BCome     CPass     DTake    
    3. ……….. a rest. You look tired.
    ACatch     BTake     CHave     DCome    
    4……………. at the end of the road.
    ATurn left     BCome in     CHelp me!     DStop the car!    
    5. …………. to take your passport.
    ADont listen     BDont be late     CDont forget     DDont listen    
    6………….. Theres a cat in the road.
    ADont be late!     BStop the car!     CTurn right!     DOpen the door!    
    7. …………. to my party, please.
    ADont wait     BDont listen     CPass     DCome    
    8. …………. the salt, please.
    ATake     BPass     CCatch     DCome    
    9. …………. The bus leaves at 9 oclock.
    ADont be late!     BStop the car!     CHelp me!     DDont talk!    
    10. …………. the first train in the morning.
    AHave     BTurn left     CCatch     DOpen    

    B- Steven is writing a letter to a friend. Find the suitable verbs.

    20, Sea ParadeBrighton

    Dear Paul,

    0 Come and see me next weekend. Im staying in a house by the sea. Dont 1 open have forget turn wait be make bring to bring your swimming trunks with you! It isnt difficult to find the house. When you get to the crossroads in the town, 2 open have forget turn wait be make bring right and drive to the end of the road. 3 open have forget turn wait be make bring careful because it is a dangerous road! 4 open have forget turn wait be make bring some warm clothes with you because it is cold in the evenings here. If I am not at home when you arrive, dont 5 open have forget turn wait be make bring for me. The key to the house is under the big white stone in the garden. 6 open have forget turn wait be make bring the front door and 7 open have forget turn wait be make bring yourself a cup of tea in the kitchen! 8 open have forget turn wait be make bring a good journey!

    Best Wishes,



    B: 1- forget 2- turn , 3- be , 4- bring, 5- wait , 6- open , 7- make , 8- have ,


    Common Errors in English

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    Common Errors in EnglishIncorrect – John is kindness, so many people want to chat with him. Correct – John is so kind that many people want to chat with him. Incorrect – Had you come to Korea ? Randy Correct – Have you ever been to Korea, Randy ? Incorrect – Chan, are your work busy ? Correct – Chan, do you have a busy job ? Incorrect – I am going to a picnic. Correct – I am going on a picnic. Incorrect – I am a bit in a hurry. Correct – I am in a bit of a hurry. Incorrect – Ah Ling, What is Hong Kong interesting. Correct – Ah Ling, What is in Hong Kong interesting. Incorrect – Ill date her out this Saturday. Correct – Ill take her out on a date this Saturday. Incorrect – My house is to ten minute of her. Correct – It is a ten minute drive from my house to hers. Incorrect – I had told you I am from China. Correct – I have told you before that I am from China. Incorrect – I am come from China. Correct – I am from China/ I come from China. Incorrect – OK, I will see you late ! Correct – OK, I will see you later ! Incorrect – I wish I have ….. Correct – I wish I had …. Incorrect – I am going to watch the cinema tonight. Correct – I am going to a movie tonight. Incorrect – I am difficult to learn English. Correct – It is difficult for me to learn English. Incorrect – I still so surprise we were born in same day. Correct – I am so surprised that we were born on the same day. Incorrect – Is there some topic talk about ? Correct – Is there any topic to talk about ? Incorrect – Give me a favor ! Correct – Please do me a favor ! Incorrect – I dont understand the meaning what you say… Correct – I dont understand the meaning of what you said …. Incorrect – There are not anything wrong … Correct – There is nothing wrong …. Incorrect – Why not come yesterday ? Correct – Why didnt you come yesterday ? Incorrect – What hobby do you like ? Correct – What is your hobby ? Incorrect – Almost people here I never met before. Correct – Almost all the people here are strangers to me. Incorrect – How do you think to learn the English ? Correct – What is your point on learning English ? Incorrect – Would you please dont ask me this question, OK ? Correct – Would you please not ask me this question, OK ? Incorrect – Im heard music. Correct – I am listening to some music now. Incorrect – You must be quite a character. Correct – You are quite a character Incorrect – In fact, Billy really owns some personality to be a VIP. Correct – In fact, Billy really has what it takes to be a VIP. Incorrect – Just now my connection have problem …….. Correct – I just had a connection problem……… Incorrect – Joei, maybe I will sleepless after I saw his pic ! Correct – Joei, I may be sleepless tonight after seeing his picture ! Incorrect – I am so boring today, please bring me fun. Correct – I feel so bored today, please say something funny. Incorrect – Judy : Tom sent his pic to me for long time ago. Correct – Judy : Tom sent me his picture a long time ago. Incorrect – You can try it more ………. Correct – You can try a few times ……….. Incorrect – He went to abroad to further his study. Correct – He went abroad to further his study. Incorrect – Because that can let me more to be clear about your talk. Correct – Because that can help me to understand what you said better. Incorrect – Do you live there from the day your born. Correct – Have you lived there since birth ? Incorrect – You are very learned. Correct – You are very knowledgeable. Incorrect – I am sorry, my computer have the problem. Correct – I am sorry, there is a problem with my computer. Incorrect – Today, Ill wash my cat. Correct – Ill give my cat a bath today. Incorrect – How many days left for you to quit your position ? Correct – How many days are left before you quit your job? Correct – How many days are left until you quit your job? Incorrect – Well, now my connection have problem. Correct – Well, I have some problems with my connection now. Incorrect – I writed the sentences yours down … Maggie. Correct – I have written down your sentences, Maggie. Incorrect – Did Thailand come into rain season ? Correct – Is it the rainy season in Thailand ? Incorrect – Well, Peter !!! You must not a material boy, that is my kind too. Correct – Well, Peter !!! You are not a materialistic person like me. Incorrect – Im so much pleasing to talk with you. Correct – Im so pleased/happy to talk with you. Incorrect – But I had sent it for 3 days. Correct – But I sent it 3 days ago. Incorrect – How is going everything ? Correct – How is everything going ? Incorrect – I dont know how speak it in English. Correct – I dont know how to say it in English. Incorrect – How many mountains exist in China ? Correct – How many mountains are there in China ? Incorrect – How was your sleeping yesterday ? Judy Correct – Did you have a good sleep yesterday, Judy ? Incorrect – Youre not get used to it, I guess ………. Correct – Youre not used to it, I guess ………. Incorrect – He is trying to look cute to make himself forgiven. Correct – He is trying to get away with it by looking cute. Incorrect – Chen, you are informed. Thanks for your information. Correct – Chen, you are informative. Thanks for your information. Incorrect – Why are you come here so often ? Correct – Why do you come here so often ? Incorrect – Are you born in Malaysia ? Correct – Were you born in Malaysia ? Incorrect – Why dont stay more time here ? Correct – Why dont you stay a little longer ? Incorrect – He was in a hospital, and he is recently out of it. Correct – He was discharged from the hospital recently. Incorrect – Im also from China, but Im live in Phillipines now. Correct – Im also from China, but Im living in the Phillipines now. Incorrect – But chat room of teacher with this chat room are difference. Right ? Correct – But there is difference between the teachers chat room and this chat room, right ? Incorrect – If oneday I am good in English, I would definitely admit it. Correct – If someday I am good at English, I will definitely admit to it. Incorrect – I have not 2 years meet him Correct I – havent met him for 2 years. Incorrect – It is simply unimaginable on me not to fight back. Correct – It is simply unimaginable to me not to fight back. Incorrect – I hate my boss, I feel like kicking on his butt. Correct – I hate my boss, I feel like kicking his butt. Incorrect – I do not like English, so, I will go out here. Correct – I dont like English, so I am leaving here now. Incorrect – This is the last time I went there, as the doctor has unravel the stitches. Correct – It was the last time that I had to go there as the doctor took out the stitches. Incorrect – Derek, why are you come and go say nothing to us? Correct – Derek, why did you come and go without saying anything to us? Incorrect – I must to say that yours english is perfect. How did you learn it ? Correct – I must say that your English is perfect. How did you learn it ? Incorrect – I want to talk someone. Correct – I want to talk to someone. Incorrect – You are right. Just now I have leisure. Peter Correct – You are right. I was free just now, Peter Incorrect – Im very sorry for yesterday, but my chief returned and I must to leave the chatroom at once. Correct – I am sorry for my abrupt exit yesterday because my boss suddenly turned up. Incorrect – I didnt say bye for you yesterday, please dont be angry. Correct – I didnt say bye to you yesterday, please dont be angry. Incorrect – Betty, are you investing on stock market ? Correct – Betty, are you investing in the stock market ? Incorrect – Can you join me the talk ? Correct – Can I join in the talk ? Incorrect – We have full off and half off on Sunday. Correct – We are given the option to work either full or half day on Sunday. Incorrect – Kelvin, dont be so jealousy ! Correct – Kelvin, dont be so jealous ! Incorrect – The china is coming into rainy weather. Correct – China is in rainy season now. Incorrect – All these three cities are similar warm as Malaysia. Correct – All three of these cities are as warm as Malaysia. Incorrect – What time of a day now in your country ? Correct – What is the time now in your country ? Incorrect – Comes to think of it, it sounds right ! Correct – Come to think of it, it does sound right ! Incorrect – Last one typhoon let person 4 hundred million damage. Correct – The latest typhoon has cost the people 400 million damage. Incorrect – But I m illiterature computer …. Correct – But Im a computer illiterate …. Incorrect – The farm cant also be escaped from that typhoon. Correct – The typhoon has caused great damage on the farm.Incorrect – I cant follow you two talk now. Correct – I cant follow what both of you are talking about. Incorrect – You must know she is jealous very much. Correct – You must know that she is jealous by nature. Incorrect – Seems nothing changed to me …… Correct – It seems that nothing has changed to me ….. Incorrect – Will she come to there soon ? Correct – She will go there soon, wont she ? Incorrect – Today is very slow. Correct – The connection is slow today. Incorrect – But you know a lot about computer, isnt it ? I know nothing at all about it ! Correct – But you know a lot about computer, dont you ? I myself know nothing about it ! Incorrect – The sales of light arms is the main cause of heavy casualty in conflicting nations. Correct – The sale of light arms to conflicting nations is the main cause of heavy casualities. Incorrect – Why you want to know more about me ? I am just a small people. Correct – Why do you want to know more about me ? I am a nobody. Incorrect – Make sure that it is a high pay job. Correct – Make sure that it is a high paying job. Incorrect – I wonder if there is a comment on the certificate by GE about how good a student perform in the course ? Correct – I wonder if there is a comment on the certificate by GE about how well a student performs in the course ? Incorrect – We have lots of rain, because were in monsoon season. Correct – There is a lot of rain here as we are in monsoon season now. Incorrect – How much is the temperature? Correct – What is the temperature ? Incorrect – Dont feel anger with me !!! Im just kidding. Correct – Dont be mad at me !!! Im just kidding. Incorrect – Kitty, your honey was left just now because I told him you will coming soon. Correct – Kitty, your honey has just left as I told him you would be coming soon. Incorrect – I am a Chinese and have been abroad 10 years. Correct – I am Chinese and have been in abroad for 10 years. Incorrect – OK, tell me how does he like ? Correct – OK, tell me what he looks like ? Incorrect – I think you should go to abroad find a job make your life a little bit changed. Correct – I think you should go abroad to find a job and make your life a little bit different for a change. Incorrect – Lilian is living far away with China. Correct – Lilian is living far away from China. Incorrect – I am sure not even one man can control himself if he meet this kind of situation. Correct – I doubt that there is even one man who can control himself in this situation. Incorrect – Are you a saler, Alvin ? Correct – Are you a salesman, Alvin ? Incorrect – The team bring a lot of happy for football fan in the world but now I doubtful them. Correct – The team used to bring a lot of fun to the soccer fans in the world but I am doubtful of them now. Incorrect – Which kind of car ? Correct – What type of car ? Incorrect – I think your express will have a little difficult, but that is a lucky thing, I can understand you. Correct – I think you have difficulty in expressing your idea. Luckily, I can understand you. Incorrect – How are you this week ? Correct – How have you been this week ? Incorrect – I know you are good in computer and English. Correct – I know you are good at computers/computing and English. Incorrect – I think your qualification will surely make you open a computer or English training center. Correct – I think you can open up a computer or English training center with your qualifications. Incorrect – I am no exceptional. Correct – I am no exception. Incorrect – My telephone conversation with you for past one and half week has made me feel you as a very firm character. Correct – Having telephoned with you for one week, I think you have a very firm/strong character. Incorrect – It is easy or not get visa? Correct – Is it easy to get visa ? Incorrect – I wonder why are you keep study after graduated high school ? Correct – I wonder why you keep studying after graduation from high school ? Incorrect – He will be great help for you. Correct – He will be of great help to you. Incorrect – Am I a simple girl and has not any brains ? Correct – Am I a naive lady who doesnt have intelligence ? Incorrect – What sport are you interest ? Correct – What sports are you interested in ? Incorrect – Can you tell me when are you birthday date ? Correct – Can you tell me when your birthday is ? Incorrect – Should we continuous our speak in English language ? Correct – Shall we continue speaking in English ? Incorrect – Do you like your female staff flirted you when you be a boss ? Correct – Would you mind if your staff flirted with you if you were the boss ? Incorrect – Where is the students come from ? Correct – Where do the students come from ? Incorrect – I wonder have you be teacher before ? Correct – I wonder if you were a teacher before ? Incorrect – How long does the news ? Correct – How long does the news last ? Incorrect – We better dont tell anothers. Correct – We had better not tell others. Incorrect – I am worry about your English level will getting worse if you talk to me only. Correct – I am worried that your English will get worse if you only talk to me. Incorrect – Come to here is more easy for you. Correct – If you come here it will be easier for you. Incorrect – Are they supported by Taliban or Iran. Correct – Are they supported by the Taliban or Iran. Incorrect – I was/got cancelled our date by her ? Correct – She cancelled the date.


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    Best Looking Girl in Town

    Thyra Samter Winslow

    From the time she was thirteen Rilla Mabry had been ashamed of her appearance. It was then that she started growing taller than the other girls. She was also awkward as well as tall and she was too thin.
    By the time she was twenty she was fully convinced that her appearance was really something terrible . All of the other girls seemed little and cute and attractive. No matter what Rilla wore it seemed wrong. She was much too tall to wear tailored clothes. And thin dresses hung around her loosely.
    All of the girls and boys in the group liked Rilla. She was a fine girl – if you could forget the way she looked. Even her hair was wrong-rather stringy- but she had a pleasant and attractive face.
    In spite of her looks Rilla had a boy friend. He was Patrick Redding and his father kept a grocery store. Pat wasnt any great price –but then you couldnt expect Rilla, with her looks to do any better. People feel that Rilla ought to be satisfied. Pat was a nice looking boy, and he shouldnt be considered unimportant.
    Rilla didnt consider Pat unimportant. She was grateful to him for being nice to her. She was as pleasant and as friendly as she could be. As a matter of fact she liked Patrick a lot. He was fun to be with. She would have been perfectly satisfied except for the fact that she was in love with Shane Tennant. All of which did her little good – for Shane was the price of the town. Shanes father was a banker – and rich.

    His mother was the social leader of the town. Shane was well much taller than Rilla- and handsome besides.
    Pat went into the grocery business with her father. Shane went into the bank. Thats the way sons do in small towns unless they have definite ideals about law or one of the other professions. Rilla didnt do anything. Her parents have just enough money so she didnt have to work. She went to parties with Patrick- and admired for Shane from a distance. The towns people felt that she would marry with Pat, that hed take over his fathers grocery store, and that theyd settle down.

    That might have happened if it hadnt been for Leslie Durant. Leslie Durant was – and still is-a well known magazine illustrator. And he came to Morrisville to visit an aunt. And he was taken an anywhere to all of the parties , of course. He was the social lion of the season. He stayed in town only for few days – but that was long enough for a lot to happen.

    He saw Rilla Mabry. Rilla was standing near the door and she was looking at Shane Tennant. She never knew her face how much showed what she was thinking about. No one else noticed- but Durant being knew, understood the situation. He saw Rilla standing not quite straight because she didnt feel quite as tall that way, in a badly fitted dress and her hair not quite smooth- and he saw Shane, perfectly dressed, self confident, good looking. And then Pat came to ask Rilla for the dance.

    On the second day of his visit Durant made his remarkable statement. He told anyone who would listen
    to him that Rilla Mabry was by far the best looking girl in town. One of the best looking girl hed ever seen.
    Rilla never had a compliment about her looks before. She had always been shy, self conscious, and often unhappy about her appearance. And now the first authority in beauty who had ever been in town claimed that she was the price.
    When Durant, himself told her what he thought of her she was filled with confusion. She managed finally to thank him. And later, very shyly , she went up to him.
    “I do wish that you would tell me how can look better,“ she said.
    “Thats not really my particular kind of work, “ he told her, “ but may be if we get together …..”
    They got together the next morning. Durant came to Rillas house. And with Rillas mother acting as helper, they did things to Rilla and to Rillas clothes. Durant made her stand up straight . and he rearranged her hair. And he told her what was wrong with the clothes she wore.
    That night there was a dance for Durant- his last evening in town. And, as he had thought when he started things, Rilla was, for the first time in her life, the center of attention. Toward the end of the evening Durant had the satisfaction of seeing Shane Tennant dancing very attentively with Rilla, Shane Tenant whom Rilla had looked at with longing eyes – and who had paid any attention to her.

    Durant went back to his home and his work in New York and forgot about the whole thing. Years passed. And then, just the other day, this happened:
    Durant was lunching alone at a restaurant when an attractive, tall woman, past her first youth, came up to him.
    “ You dont remember me ?” she said.
    Durant didnt remember her.
    “ I am Rilla tenant – I was Rilla Mabry when you knew me. You came to my home town and – and rather made my life over. Remember now ?”
    “Of course I do “ said Durant. “ I remember very well. It was my one attempt at changing the destiny of another person. “
    “You did a wonderful job.“ said Rilla. There was a strange note in her voice which he didnt understand.
    “You married the boy you were in love with. I see. His name was Tannent wasnt it ?”
    “Why, yes” said Rilla. “ But how did you remember the name ? And how did you know I was in love with him?”
    “I am good at remembering names. And I saw you looking at him. Simplicity itself! And to think that I was the cause!
    “Yes you were” said Rilla.“ It was very funny when you look back on it. There I was going with Patrick Redding, and in love with Shane, and terribly unhappy and awkward. And you came down and said I was a beauty- so automatically I became a beauty. And the boys all wanted to go out with me. And I married Shane.”
    “Wonderful “ said Durant. And he smiled happily. “ How are you getting along , now ? “
    “That is the difficult part. “ said Rilla. “ You shouldnt have asked. “
    “Shane and I got married. And it didnt get along very well though I was awfully happy in the beginning. The Tennant lost all of their money in a bank failure- and my family had its money in the Tennant bank by that time, so our money went, too. Then Shane fell in love with a chorus girl. I got a divorce of course. Ive been teaching in a girls school for the past three years. “
    “ Thats too bad!” said Durant. “ But maybe that was better than marrying that other boy whom you didnt love.”
    “ May be,” said Rilla. “You can never tell. Love goes … Patrick Redding took his fathers grocery store and married the cutest girl in town. They have three children and are very happy. And, oh , yes he became quite ambitious and started a chain of grocery store. Now he is the richest and most important man in town”


    Kasabadaki En Güzel Kız

    Thyra Samter Winslow

    On üç yaşından beri Rilla Mabry görünüşünden utanıyordu. Bu yaştan sonra diğer kızlardan daha uzun olmaya başladı. Aynı zamanda beceriksiz, çok ince ve oldukça uzundu.
    Yirmi yaşına geldiğinde görünüşünün korkunç olduğuna tamamen ikna olmuştu. Diğer kızların hepsi kısa, sevimli ve çekiciydi. Rilla ne giyse, kötü görünüyordu. Çok uzun olduğundan hazır elbiseler tam anlamıyla üzerinde asılı şekilde duruyordu.
    Gruptaki bütün kızlar ve erkekler Rillayı seviyordu. İyi bir kızdı,eğer görünüşüne kulak asmazsanız. Çok ince olduğu için saçı bile kötü görünüyordu, fakat çok hoş ve çekici bir yüzü vardı.
    Görünüşüne rağmen Rillanın bir erkek arkadaşı vardı. O Patrick Reddingti ve babasının bir bakkalı vardı. Pat fazla etmezdi, fakat bakışlarıyla Rilladan da fazla birşey bekleyemezdiniz. İnsanlar Rillanın tatmin olması gerektiğini düşünürlerdi. Pat iyi görünüşlü bir çocuktu ve önemsiz olduğu düşünülmemeliydi.
    Rilla Patin önemsiz olduğunu düşünmüyordu. Kendisine iyi davrandığı için o da ona karşı saygılıydı. Elinden geldiğince ona hoş ve arkadaşça davranıyordu. Aslında Pati çok seviyordu. Onunla birlikte olmak eğlenceliydi. Shane Tannenta aşık olmasaydı çok memnun olabilirdi. Bunun faydası yoktu zira Shane kasabanın gözdesiydi. Shanein babası bankacıydı ve zengindi.
    Annesi kasabanın sosyal lideriydi. Buna ilaveten Shane Rilladan daha uzun ve üstelik yakışıklıydı da.
    Pat babasıyla beraber bakkal işine girdi. Shane bankaya girdi. Eğer Hukuk veya diğer meslekler hakkında idealleri yoksa erkek çocukların kasabada baş vurduğu yol buydu. Rilla birşey yapmadı. Onun anne ve babasının yeterince parası vardı ve o çalışmak zorunda değildi. Patrickle beraber partilere gitti ve Shanee uzaktan hayranlık duydu. Kasaba halkı onun Pat ile evleneceğini, babasının bakkalını devralacağını ve kasabaya yerleşeceklerini zannediyordu.
    Eğer Leslie Durant olmasaydı bu beklentiler gerçekleşebilirdi. Leslie Durant geçmişte ve halen tanınmış birgazete ressamıydı. Halasını ziyaret için Morisvilleye geldi ve tabiki partilerin olduğu her yere ***ürüldü. Sezonun en sosyal insanıydı. Kasabada yalnızca bir kaç gün kalmasına rağmen bu süre birçok şeyin gerçekleşmesi için yeterliydi
    Rilla Mabryi gördü. Rilla kapının yanında duruyor ve Shane Tennanta bakıyordu. Ne düşündüğünü yüzünün ne kadar gösterdiğini hiçbir zaman bilmiyordu. Daha önce hiçkimse bunu farketmemişti, ama yeni olduğu için Durant durumu anlamıştı. Üzerinde kötü duran bir elbise ve düzgün olmayan saçlarıyla uzun görünmemek için eğik duran Rillayı gördü. Sonra Shaneigördü, mükemmel giyinmiş, kendine güvenir ve yakışıklı. Ve sonra Pat Rillaya dans teklif etmek için yanına geldi.

    Ziyaretinin ikinci gününde Durant dikkat çekici sözlerini söyledi. Onu dinleyen herkese Rillanın kasabada
    gördüğü en güzel kız olduğunu söyledi. Hayatında gördüğü en güzel kızlardan biri diye söyledi.
    Rilla daha önce bakışları hakkında hiç iltifat almamıştı. Her zaman utangaç, kendi halinde ve genellikle görünüşünden mutsuzdu. Ve şimdi güzellik konusunda ilk otorite olan ve kasabaya ilk defa gelen birisi onun kasabanın gözdesi olduğunu söylüyordu.
    Durant onun hakkında ne düşündüğünü anlattığında kafası karıştı. Sonunda teşekkür etmeyi başarabildi. Ve daha sonra utangaç bir şekilde ona gitti.
    “Bana nasıl daha güzel görünebileceğimi anlatabileceğinizi umuyorum” dedi.
    “Bu gerçekten benim uzmanlık alanım değil” dedi ona “ Fakat belki beraber olabilirsek…”
    Ertesi sabah buluştular.
    Durant Rillaın evine geldi. Rillanın annesinin yardımı ile Rilla ve elbiseleri üzerinde düzeltmeler yaptılar. Durant ona dik durmasını gösterdi. Ve saçlarını tekrar düzenledi. Ve giydiği elbiselerde neyin hatalı olduğunu anlattı.
    O gece Durrant için dans vardı.Kasabadaki son gecesiydi. Ve Durant düşündüklerini yapmaya başlarken Rilla hayatında ilk defa ilgi odağıydı. Gecenin sonlarına doğru Durant, Rillanın özlemle baktığı ve ona dikkat bile etmeyen Shane Tannentın Rilla ile nazikçe dans edişini görmenin mutluluğunu yaşıyordu.
    Durant Newyorka evine ve işine geri döndü ve herşeyi unuttu. Yıllar geçti. Ve evvelsigün bu gerçekleşti:
    Durant bir restoranda tek başına öğle yemeği yerken uzun boylu, çekici ve orta yaşlı bir hanım ona doğru gelip durdu. “Beni hatırlamıyorsun değil mi?”dedi. Durant onu hatırlamamıştı.
    “Ben rilla Tannent. Siz beni tanıdığınız zaman ben Rilla Mabry idim. Sen benim kasabama geldin ve hayatımı değiştirdin. Şimdi hatırladın mı? “
    “Elbette hatırladım.” dedi Durant. “Çok iyi hatırlıyorum .Bu başka birinin hayatını değiştirmek için gösterdiğim bir çabaydı.”
    “Çok iyi bir iş yaptın”dedi Rilla. Sesinde onun hiç anlamadığı bir ton vardı.
    “Anladım, aşık olduğun çocukla evlendin. Adı Tennanttı değil mi? “
    “ Evet “ dedi Rilla “Fakat onun adını nasıl hatırlıyorsunuz? Ve benim ona aşık olduğumu nasıl anladınız?
    “İsimleri hatırlamakta çok iyiyimdir. Ve seni ona bakarken gördüm. Çok kolaydı. Benim sebep olduğumu niye düşündün?
    “Evet sendin “ dedi Rilla. “ Tekrar ana dönüp baktığında çok komikti. Ben orada Pat Redding ile çıkıyordum ama Shane Tennanta aşıktım ve çok mutsuzdum. Sonra sen geldin ve bana güzelsin dedin ve ben güzel oldum. Ve bütün erkekler benimle çıkmak istedi. Ve ben Shane ile evlendim.

    “Çok güzel “dedi Durant ve mutlu şekilde gülümsedi. “Ya şimdi ne yapıyorsun?”
    “Bu zor tarafı “ dedi Rilla. “Sormamalıydın.
    “Shane ve ben evlendik fakat fazla uzun sürmedi, ilk zamanlar çok mutluydum. Bir bankanın batması ile Tennantlar bütün paralarını kaybettiler. Ve benim ailemde o zamanlar parasını Tennant Bankasında saklıyordu, ve bizim paramızda uçtu. Sonra Shane bir koro kızına aşık oldu. Boşandım, elbette. Son üç yıldır kızlar okulunda öğretmenlik yapıyorum.
    “Bu çok kötü” dedi Durant. “Fakat belkide bu sevmediğin diğer çocukla evlenmekten daha iyidir.”
    “ Belki” dedi Rilla. “Hiç bir zaman anlatamassın. Aşk geçici… Patrick Redding babasının bakkalını aldı ve kasabanın en şirin kızıyla evlendi. Üç çocukları var ve çok mutlular. Çok hırslandı ve bir bakkallar zincirine sahip oldu. Şimdi kasabanın en zengin ve saygın adamı. ”




    Swallow and sparrow became close friends. They started walking around in together. Other swallows said nothing at the beginning about this circumstance. However, the things changed when the swallow started bringing the sparrow to its nest. Nest of the swallow was under the eaves of an empty wooden house and there were many nests of swallow next to it. Going there from and thereto made swallows disturbed.

    Swallows held a meeting and they appointed a spokesman. This spokesman told about this circumstance with it in a suitable time and said it not to bring this sparrow to its nest.

    Although the swallow showed some obstinacy, it finally was obliged to obey by this requirement.
    One night the sparrow suddenly wakened while it was sleeping. Tree on which it built up its nest among its branches was swinging. It flied away and had a look-see round the environment. Thereupon, it recognised that it was an earthquake.

    Its close friend, the swallow, came to its mind. It arrived at its nest and it weakened its close friend. It said the swallow to weaken other swallows and the wooden house may be fallen onto the ground. The swallow fulfilled what it said. Once the last swallow flied away there, the wooden house was fallen onto the ground. Later, swallows set up new nests under eaves of another house and they did make no rejection for the sparrow to go from and to the nest of the swallow for the reason that they were owed their life to it.


    Kırlangıç ile serçe dost olmuşlar. Birlikte gezip dolaşmaya başlamışlar. Diğer kırlangıçlar önceleri bu duruma ses çıkarmamışlar. Fakat kırlangıç serçeyi yuvasına getirmeye başlayınca işler değişmiş. Kırlangıcın yuvası ahşap, boş bir evin saçak altındaymış ve burada pek çok kırlangıç yuvası varmış. Serçenin gelip gitmesi, kırlangıçları rahatsız etmiş.

    Kırlangıçlar toplanıp bir sözcü seçmişler. Sözcü uygun bir zamanda kırlangıca konuyu açmış ve serçeyi yuvasına getirmemesini söylemiş.

    Kırlangıç biraz direttiyse de sonunda genel isteğe boyun eğmek zorunda kalmış. Bir gece serçe yuvasında uyurken aniden uyanmış. Dalları arasına yuva kurduğu ağaç sallanıyormuş. Uçup çevreyi şöyle bir kolaçan etmiş. O zaman bunun bir yer sarsıntısı olduğunu anlamış.

    Aklına dostu kırlangıç gelmiş. Kırlangıcın yuvasına gitmiş, onu uyandırmış. Kırlangıca diğer kırlangıçları uyandırmasını, ahşap evin sarsıntıdan yıkılabileceğini söylemiş. Kırlangıç söyleneni yapmış. Son kırlangıç da kaçınca ahşap ev yıkılmış. Daha sonra kırlangıçlar başka bir evin saçak altına yeni yuvalar yapmışlar ve yaşamlarını borçlu oldukları dost serçenin kırlangıcın yuvasına gelip gitmesine karşı çıkmamışlar.



    Ahmets mother and father were poor. They were living in a small house with only one room. Since his fathers lungs were ill, he compulsorily retired. Ahmet finished primary school in difficulty by selling pretzel out of school time. Later by the help of his neighbour he started to work in a restaurant to do the washing up. Ahmet had taken the first step to realize his dreams. He had met the wonderful meals which he formerly used to see behind the restaurant windows. Now he had full three courses a day. He had kept Uncle Veli, who was cooking in the restaurant, observing. He would learn cooking from him and he would be a cook himself, too but Ahmet would work not in somebody elses restaurant but in his own one.

    Ahmet opened a restaurant in the city centre after he had done his military service. Because his meals were very delicious, the restaurant was full of customers. He was earning well. Sometimes poor people used to come to the restaurant and eat free meal.

    The waiters working in the restaurant and the customers couldnt find any sense of Ahmets going and leaving two plates of meals to an empty table during lunch times. How would they know that they were Ahmets present to his mother and father, whom the poverty had finished years ago? They also wouldnt be able to hear that while putting the plates on the table Ahmet was murmuring “you arent going stay hungry any more from now on mummy and daddy. Have your meals and get yourself very full.”


    Annesi, babası fakirdi Ahmetin. Tek göz odalı bir gecekonduda oturuyorlardı. Babasının ciğerleri hasta olduğundan zorunlu emekliye ayrılmıştı. Ahmet okul olmadığı zamanlar simit satarak zorlukla ilkokulu bitirdi. Daha sonra komşusunun yardımıyla bir lokantaya bulaşıkçı olarak girdi. Ahmet hayalini gerçekleştirmek için ilk adımını atmıştı. Eskiden lokantaların camları arkasında gördüğü o güzelim yemeklere kavuşmuştu. Artık günde üç öğün karnı doyuyordu. Lokantada yemek pişiren Veli dayıyı göz hapsine almıştı. Ondan yemek yapmayı öğrenecek ve kendi de bir aşçı olacaktı ama Ahmet başkasının lokantasında değil kendi lokantasında görevini yerine getirecekti.

    Ahmet askerden geldikten sonra şehrin mevki yerinde lokanta açtı. Yaptığı yemekler çok lezzetli olduğu için lokanta müşterilerle dolup taşıyordu. Kazancı yerindeydi. Ara sıra muhtaç insanlar lokantaya gelirdi ve bedava yemek yerlerdi.

    Lokantada çalışan garsonlar ve müşteriler Ahmetin öğle vakitleri boş bir masaya giderek masanın üstüne iki tabak yemek bırakmasına bir anlam veremezlerdi. Onlar ne bileceklerdi yıllar önce sefaletin bitirdiği anne ve babasına Ahmetin armağanını. Hem onlar duyamazlardı ki, tabakları masanın üstüne bırakırken Ahmetin “ Bundan sonra aç kalmayacaksınız anneciğim ve babacığım. Alın yemeklerinizi karnınızı bir güzel doyurun “ diye mırıldandığını.



    There was a rabbit imagining itself like a lion. One day this rabbit convened all rabbits in the vicinity on a high hill and said them that it would frighten wolf, jackal, fox in the case they would pass through the rough path in the downstairs. Rabbits listened to it with no movement.

    Ten minutes later, a wolf was passing through this path and it was suddenly surprised to see a rabbit shouting and running toward itself, and this circumstance caused it to frighten, and it urgently run away and disappeared there.


    Tavşanın biri kendini aslan zannedermiş. Bir gün bu tavşan civardaki tavşanları yüksekçe bir tepeye toplayıp aşağıdaki patika yoldan kurt, çakal, tilki geçmesi halinde korkutup kaçıracağını söylemiş. Tavşanlar, onu sakin şekilde dinlemişler.

    On dakika sonra bir kurt geçiyormuş ki, bir de ne görsün, bağırıp çağırarak üstüne doludizgin gelen tavşanı görünce ürkmüş ve son sürat oradan kaçmış.



    There was a fox hanging wings on it and stealing hens from poultry-houses upper sides of which were uncovered. Once poultry-house owner recognised this circumstance, they covered upper-sides of them.

    A fox never likes being hungry and remaining with no remedy. It learnt soil digging work from one mole and started entering into poultry-houses through underground. Poultry-house owners thought that mole was stealing the hens and always hoped to catch a mole.


    Tilkinin biri kanat takıp üstü açık kümeslerden tavuk çalarmış. Kümes sahipleri durumu fark edince kümeslerin üstünü kapatmışlar.

    Tilki açlığı ve çaresizliği hiç sevmezmiş. Bir köstebekten toprak kazma işini öğrenip, yeraltından kümeslere girmeye başlamış. Kümes sahipleri tavukları çalanın köstebek olduğunu sanıp, hep bir köstebek yakalamayı ummuşlar.




    One of the jackals found a rifle while it was walking in the jungle. It recognised there
    were two cartridge in the rifle, and it immediately started robberies. Animals in
    the jungle, properties of which were stolen and were under threat convened and
    they arrived before lion.
    The lion was informed about the circumstance and this made it very angry and thereafter, it followed the jackal around.

    The lion seeing the jackal to walk some ahead has roared. The jackal
    pointed its gun at it when it saw that the lion was approaching, and immediately before opening fire, the lion frightened and started running away. Thereupon, the jackal run after the lion, too. Just then, a river appeared in front of them. Both of them swam and crossed the river.The lion run a while and then suddenly stopped running. The jackal stopped as well. The lion turned back and walked over the jackal.

    The jackal realized that wet rifle did not open fire and thrown the rifle out and it crossed back the river. The lion followed the jackal.The lion chased the jackal for a long time in the jungle, and it hit a fiston it as soon as caught it. The jackal escaped with great difficulty its life from the lion. From then, no body has seen it in the surrounding.


    Çakalın biri ormanda gezerken bir tüfek bulmuş. Bakmış tüfekte iki fişek var, hemen soygunlara başlamış. Malı çalınan, tehdit edilen orman hayvanları toplanıp aslanın huzuruna çıkmışlar. Durumu öğrenen aslan çok kızmış, çakalın peşine düşmüş.

    Çakalı ilerde giderken gören aslan kükremiş. Çakal aslanın geldiğini görünce tüfeğini doğrultmuş, tam ateş edecekken aslan korkmuş, kaçmaya başlamış. Çakal da aslanı kovalamış. Derken, önlerine bir ırmak çıkmış. Ikisi de yüzerek karşıya geçmiş. Aslan biraz daha koşmuş, sonra aniden duruvermiş. Çakal da durmuş. Aslan geri dönüp çakalın üstüne yürümüş.

    Çakal ıslanan tüfeğin ateş etmediğini görünce tüfeği atıp ırmaktan karşıya geçmiş. Aslan da peşinden gelmiş. Aslan çakalı ormanda uzun süre kovalamış, yetiştiği yerde vurmuş. Çakal güçbela canını kurtarmış. Bir daha onu oralarda gören olmamış.




    Our dear world which is turning around silently somewhere in the universe, which is full of mysteries, secrets and a lot of unknown. The living creatures, which you have allowed to live on you, survive and take shelter for ten thousands of years, existing maybe only on you with everything of them. The idealists with their genuine talent of thought, with their power of imagination who are possible to appear always and everywhere with their stubbornness and by leaving the normality of the life, which they have to live with pleasure, desire and by getting a little over the normality to know an unknown, to help the solutions of problems and assimilating some kinds of efforts, searches for the benefit of that normalitists who they left behind.

    Although a young octopus travelled a lot of places on the blue sea, the things he saw werent strange to him he was indifferent to the things he saw as if he had seen them before and the motivating passion occurring in his thought, made him decide to reach the source, the spring of the river when he first realized it, which was flowing into the sea.
    The young octopus started to move forward slowly. He could always have the chance to watch closely the trees, the grass, the flowers, the birds and the large and small living creatures by the river because he was taking pains to swim on the surface. As the days passed one after the other, the broadness of the river started to become narrow, the water started to flow a little more wildly and the slope started to increase. Since the young octopus was swimming towards the stream, he realized that he started to be some more compelled every passing day. If he didnt suffer the difficulty and leave himself, he would be able to return to the sea. However, this was a matter that he wouldnt be able to do. Now that he was an idealist and he had come till here for the sake of an idea, returning back could never be possible.

    When the young octopus arrived at the side of the snowy mountain, which was difficult to see from faraway, a waterfall whose water was falling from quite high, appeared. He had to cross this waterfall and go on his way, but how? A few attempts he made showed that it was impossible for now. Anyway he was tired. He had come till here without stopping, and by exerting himself to the utmost for days. He thought “I should relax for a while, gain my energy when I believe that I can cross this waterfall, I will come and cross it and go on my way. I will take one of the paths I saw yesterday while I was coming, I will look for a place where I will be able to pass my days in peace. Let the waterfall wait for now.”
    The young octopus returned back and took one of the paths. He reached a lake in the end by saying this or that way. The young octopus life in the lake lasted quite long. Actually time wasnt very important for an idealist. Let the time pass. What was important was to be able to use the time skillfully. You would always improve and show progress in point of thought. You already had this idealism from birth. The conditions would force you to this whether you wanted or didnt. When you started to support an idea, namely when you became an idealist, you would think carefully of your past and you would realize and be surprised that even how the unhappy, pessimistic, desperate days, which you dont want to remember now, had educated you, and had made you experienced.

    Several years passed and the young octopus had grown up and had become a mature octopus by the passing years. He always had good relationships with the living creatures in and around the lake he had had quite a lot of accumulation of knowledge by adding his observations on the things they told. Everything was very well perhaps it would be much better if the peole hadnt pitched a camp near the lake. As soon as the octopus saw the people, he had listened to his common sense saying “be careful”, he had withdrawn to his cave at the bottom of the lake. He was passing his days in his cave he was sometimes touring at the depth of the lake. On some days he saw a few boats on the lake but he couldnt do anything more than watching the peoples in the boats rowing from the depth of the lake while swimming.

    One day, while a boat was going near to the middle of the lake, it suddenly got dark. A heavy rain started. The wind blowing gradually harder was building big waves on the lake. The efforts of the people on the boat who were trying to escape from the storm were useless. They werent able to prevent their boat from capsizing and sinking. The octopus had felt the storm in advanced he had taken the risk to be seen by the people on the boat and he had come a few metres close to the boat. He had covered two people, who were flopping about when the boat sank, with his strong arms, had come to the surface to prevent them drowning and started to swim quickly towards the shore. After leaving the unconscious people to a safe place, the octopus withdrew to his cave in the depth of the lake.

    On the following ten days after this event, the octopus, who couldnt see any boats on the surface of the lake, came to the surface because he thought that the people might have gone and he looked at the shore, where the camp was, from far away. The first thing that called his attention was the huge, iron boats. The people had also built wooden sheds near the tents, where the camp was pitched. There were lots of people on the shore. He started to swim towards the branch, which let the superfluous water of the lake float into the river. He was planning to come out of the lake going without making the people realize. However, when he reached the exit, he realized with sadness that there were barbed wires around, which were preventing him going. He was afraid of making a mistake. He could pull the wires to pieces, throw away and go on his way. There were the possibilities of getting injured and being undersized. The waterfall on the river was already a big problem on his way. It wouldnt be proper to be powerless after crossing the waterfall.

    On the following days the surface of the lake suddenly got into action. The ships that the people made by putting together the pieces, which they brought till the lake shore by lorries, started to move constantly. The divers started dive from the ships and examine the bottom of the lake. The harpoons that were in the divers hands would direct to the octopus as soon as it was seen. There was a huge octopus with eight arms, each of whose length was nearly five metres, and the one who would kill this octopus would be rewarded. It was necessary to think now. This octopus, who was wanted to be killed, saved certainly two peoples lives in a stormy weather. They had seen the octopus before they fainted and they informed the others too, there was even a reward. It is necessary to consider this situation as a labyrinth without an exit.

    The octopus had understood that it was impossible to live in the lake now. Although all his goodwill, the people wouldnt let him search some more in this lake. It was also unnecessary to live more in this lake. The things he learnt were enough and more than enough. The octopus got out of his cave with rancor. He came with a terrible speed out to the water surface just opposite the ships being anchored in front of the camp. He was puffing up and up and was causing artificial waves on the lake as he was saying “you have been looking for me for days, here I ** and Im not afraid of you”. He suddenly directed to his left. He entered the branch by pulling the barbed wires at the exit of the lake to pieces under the amazed looks of the people on the shore and he reached the river after a while. He came before the waterfall by withstanding easily to the rivers stream and he went up by holding his both arms out and by holding of the rocks there.

    On the following days the octopus continued the intensive efforts to reach the source of the river. He was passing in difficulty through the gorges at the sides of the mountain where the source existed and he was moving forward step by step at the places where the depth didnt let him swim. The rain falling on the sides of the mountains was turning into snow because of the weathers getting gradually cold and trembling in the ice cold water under the snow was teaching him how difficult the life was in the mountains. When he started to think that it was impossible to go more forward, he found the source of the river. The source was coming out of rocks, it was coming out of a place like a cave and it was appearing on the earth.
    The octopus summarized the topic: “Now that the source had been here. It comes out to the earth from that narrow place, it is fed by the rain and snow water, it goes down till the waterfall by gathering some of the little rivers water. After passing the waterfall, the water gathering a lot of branches from both sides gradually grows and it reaches the sea, where I was born, as a river and integrates with the sea. And the lake, where I lived for a long while, was nothing more than a drift of water, which let its superfluous water flow into the river by means of a branch.

    On his way back, while coming closer to the waterfall, the octopus started to think. He wondered if the people would wait for him there. It was a fifty fifty possibility. Namely, theyd either wait or wouldnt wait. It wouldnt be definite. The octopus wasnt absolutely frightened. Anyway, fear was the last think to be considered by an idealist in such a situation. There was no reason to be frightened. After the octopus evaluated the situation, considered what he would do after what might happen, he went down the waterfall. He went past the branch, which was connecting the lake to the river, by swimming bravely on the water.

    The octopus reached the sea a few days later. He had set off years ago for the sake of an ideal when he was a young octopus after years, he had turned back as a mature octopus. However, the ideal still wasnt an ideal. An idealist should teach the others the things he learnt and should acquaint them too. As well as you couldnt say you have enough knowledge for yourself so you wouldnt need to learn more, you couldnt also say you were more knowledgeable than the others let the others not learn the things I knew. After relaxing for a while, the octopus wanted to start his attempts. He would teach the others the things he learnt and he would acquaint them too. Until there would be no other knowledge in his mind what he knew but the others didnt…

    Written by: Serdar YILDIRIM


    Gizem dolu, sır dolu, pek çok bilinmezliklerle dolu kainatın bilmem nerelerinde sessizce dönüp durmakta olan sevgili dünyamız. Üzerinde yaşamalarına, hayat bulmalarına, barınmalarına olanak tanıdığın on binlerce yıldan beri her şeyi ile belki de sadece sende var olan canlı varlıklar. Özgün düşünme yetenekleriyle, hayal güçleriyle, inatçılıklarıyla her zaman, her yerde ortaya çıkabilen ve bir bilinmezi bilmek için, problemlerin çözümüne yardımcı olmak için şevkle, istekle kendilerinin yaşamaları lazım gelen hayatın normalitesinden arınarak, normalitenin bir parça üstüne çıkarak ve o geride bıraktıkları normalitecilerin yararına bir takım çabalar, arayışlar içine giren idealistler.

    Denizin engin maviliklerinde aylardır pek çok yeri gezip dolaşmasına karşın gördükleri ona hiç de yabancı gelmeyen, o gördüklerine daha önceden biliyormuşçasına ilgisiz ve bu denize sularını akıtan ırmağı ilk fark ettiğinde düşüncesinde oluşan tutkunun harekete geçirdiği, ırmağın çıkışına, kaynağına ulaşmaya karar verdirttiği bir genç ahtapot.

    Genç ahtapot ırmakta ağır ağır ilerlemeye başladı. Daima yüzeyde bulunmaya özen gösterdiği için, ırmak kenarında bulunan ağaçları, otları, çiçekleri, kuşları ve küçüklü, büyüklü canlı yaratıkları yakından incelemek olanağını buluyordu. Günler birbiri ardına geçip gittikçe, ırmağın genişliği daralmaya, sular daha bir coşkun akmaya ve meyil artmaya başladı. Genç ahtapot, akıntıya karşı yüzdüğü için, her geçen gün biraz daha fazla zorlanmaya başladığını fark etti. Hani sıkıntıya katlanamayıp kendini bırakıverse hiç yorulmadan denize geri dönebilecekti. Fakat, bu onun yapamayacağı bir işti. Mademki bir idealistti ve bir idea uğruna buralara kadar gelmişti, kesinlikle geriye dönüş söz konusu olamazdı.

    Genç ahtapot çok uzaklarda zorlukla fark edilen karlı dağın yamaçlarına ulaştığında önüne oldukça yüksekten suların döküldüğü bir çağlayan çıktı. Bu çağlayanı aşıp yoluna devam etmesi gerekirdi, ama nasıl? Yaptığı bir iki deneme bu işin şimdilik olanaksız olduğunu gösterdi. Zaten yorgundu.
    Günlerdir dur durak bilmeden,gücünün sınırlarını sonuna kadar zorlayarak buralara kadar gelmişti. “ Bir zaman için dinlenmeli, gücümü toplamalı, bu çağlayanı aşmayı başarabileceğime inandığım an gelip çağlayanı geçer yoluma devam ederim, diye düşündü. Dün gelirken gördüğüm kollardan birine sapar, orada günlerimi sakin geçirebileceğim bir yer ararım. Çağlayan şimdilik bekleyedursun. “

    Genç ahtapot geriye dönüp, ırmağın kollarından birine girdi.Yok şurası, yok burası derken,sonunda bir göle vardı. Genç ahtapotun göldeki sakin yaşantısı oldukça uzun sürdü. Gerçekte bir idealist için zamanın fazla bir önemi yoktu. Zaman bırak geçsindi. Önemli olan geçen zamanı ustaca değerlendirebilmekti. Devamlı olarak fikir bakımından bir büyüme, bir ilerleme içinde olacaktın. Bu idealistçilik zaten sende doğuştan vardı. Sen istemesen de şartlar seni buna zorlardı. Bir ideanın peşinden gitmeye başladığın yani sen bir idealist olduğun zaman, dikkatli bir şekilde geçmişini düşünürdün ve şimdi anımsamak istemediğin o mutsuz, o karamsar, o kederli günlerinin bile seni nasıl eğitmiş olduğunu, deneyim sahibi yaptığını fark eder de şaşar kalırdın.

    Aradan yıllar geçmiş,geçen yıllarla birlikte genç ahtapot büyümüş,olgun bir ahtapot olmuştu.Gölde ve gölün çevresinde yaşayan canlı varlıklarla daima iyi ilişkiler kurmuş, onların anlattıklarına kendi gözlemlediklerini de ekleyerek epey bir bilgi birikimine sahip olmuştu. Her şey çok güzeldi, belki de çok daha güzel olacaktı. Eğer göl kıyısına insanlar kamp kurmasalardı. Ahtapot insanları göl kıyısında görür görmez, içgüdüsünden gelen dikkat et sesine kulak vermiş, gölün dibindeki mağarasına çekilmişti. Günlerini mağarasında geçiriyor, ara sıra da, gölün derinliklerinde dolaşıyordu. Bazı günler göl yüzeyinde bir iki kayık görüyor, fakat kayıklardaki insanların kürek çekişlerini gölün derinliklerinde yüzerek seyretmekten başka hiçbir şey yapmıyordu.

    Günlerden bir gün, bir kayık gölün ortalarına yakın bir yerde giderken ortalık kararıverdi. Şiddetli bir yağmur başladı. Gittikçe daha sert esmeye başlayan rüzgar gölde büyük dalgalar oluşturuyordu. Kayıkta bulunan insanların yaklaşan fırtınadan kaçmak için gösterdikleri çabalar boşuna oldu. Kayıklarının alabora olarak batmasını bir türlü engelleyemediler. Ahtapot yaklaşan fırtınayı önceden hissetmiş, kayıkta bulunan insanlar tarafından görülme tehlikesini göze alarak kayığın birkaç metre altına kadar sokulmuştu. Kayık battığında dev dalgalar arasında çırpınıp duran iki insanı güçlü kollarıyla sıkıca kavrayıp, onların boğulmalarına engel olmak için, yüzeye çıktı ve süratle kıyıya doğru yüzmeye başladı. Baygın durumdaki iki insanı kıyıda emin bir yere bırakan ahtapot, gölün derinliklerindeki mağarasına çekildi.

    Bu olayı takiben geçen on gün içinde göl yüzeyinde hiç kayık göremeyen ahtapot insanların gitmiş olabileceklerini düşünerek yüzeye çıkıp çok uzaklardan kampın bulunduğu kıyıya doğru baktı. İlk dikkatini çeken şey, kıyıdaki kocaman demir kayıklar oldu. İnsanlar ayrıca kampın bulunduğu çadırların yanına tahtadan barakalar yapmışlardı. Çok insan vardı kıyıda. Gölün fazla sularını ırmağa akıtan kola doğru yüzmeye başladı. Kıyıdaki insanlara fark ettirmeden gölden çıkıp gitmeyi planlıyordu. Fakat çıkışa vardığında etrafta gitmesini engelleyen dikenli teller olduğunu üzülerek gördü. Bir hata yapmaktan korkuyordu. Bu dikenli telleri parçalayıp atar, yoluna devam edebilirdi. İşin içinde yaralanmak,çaptan düşmek olasılığı da vardı. Irmaktaki çağlayan zaten yolunun üstünde bir büyük engeldi. Çağlayanın karşısına çıktığında güçsüz durumda bulunmak yakışık almazdı.

    Sonraki günlerde göl yüzeyi birdenbire hareketlendi. İnsanların göl kıyısına kadar kamyonlarla getirdikleri parçaları birbirine monte ederek yaptıkları gemiler vızır vızır gidip gelmeye başladı. Gemilerden dalgıçlar göle girerek, gölün dibini taramaya başladılar. Dalgıçların ellerindeki zıpkınlar görülür görülmez ahtapota yöneltilecekti. Gölde her kolunun uzunluğu beş metreyi bulan sekiz kollu dev bir ahtapot vardı ve bu ahtapotu öldüren ödüllendirilecekti. İşte burada biraz düşünmek gerekirdi. Katledilmek istenen bu ahtapot fırtınalı bir havada iki insanı mutlak bir ölümden kurtarmıştı. Onlar bayılmadan önce kendilerini kurtaranı görmüşler, ötekileri ahtapotun varlığından haberdar etmişlerdi. Ötekiler ötekilere, ötekilerde ötekilere durumu bildirmişler ve son ötekiler, ortaya bir ödül bile koymuştu. Bu durumu çıkışı olmayan bir labirent biçiminde algılamak gerekmektedir.

    Ahtapot artık gölde barınmasının olanaksızlığını anlamıştı. Tüm iyi niyetine karşın insanlar onun bu gölde biraz daha fazla araştırma yapmasına izin vermeyeceklerdi. Zaten gölde bir süre daha yaşamak gereksizdi. Öğrendikleri yeter de artardı bile. Ahtapot mağarasından hınçla dışarı fırladı. Korkunç bir süratle kampın önünde demirli bulunan gemilerin tam karşısında su yüzeyine çıktı. Günlerdir arıyordunuz işte buradayım ve sizden korkmuyorum der gibi kabardıkça kabarıyor, gölde yapay dalgaların oluşmasını sağlıyordu. Aniden soluna doğru yöneldi. Kıyıdaki insanların hayret dolu bakışları altında göl çıkışındaki dikenli telleri paramparça ederek kola girdi ve bir süre sonra ırmağa ulaştı. Irmağın akıntılarına rahatça karşı koyarak çağlayanın önüne geldi ve iki kolunu uzatarak oradaki kayalara tutunup yukarıya çıktı.

    Daha sonraki günlerde ahtapot ırmağın kaynağına ulaşmak için gösterdiği yoğun çabayı devam ettirdi. Kaynağın bulunduğu karlı dağın yamaçlarında daracık boğazlardan zorlukla geçiyor, derinliğin yüzmesine olanak tanımadığı yerlerde de adım adım ilerliyordu. Yamaçlarda yağan yağmur havanın giderek soğumasıyla birlikte kara dönüşüyor, yağan kar altında buz gibi soğuk suda titremek ona dağlarda yaşamın ne derece zorlu olduğunu öğretiyordu. Ahtapot daha ileriye gitmenin mümkün olmadığını düşünmeye başladığı bir sırada ırmağın kaynağını buldu. Kaynak, kayaların arasından, mağara gibi bir yerden, yeryüzüne çıkıp doğuyordu.

    Ahtapot konuyu özetle toparladı: “ Demek kaynak burasıymış. Su bu daracık yerden yeryüzüne çıkıyor, yağan kar ve yağmur sularıyla besleniyor, çevreden kimi dereciklerin sularını alarak çağlayana kadar iniyor. Çağlayan geçildikten sonra sağdan soldan pek çok kol alan su gittikçe büyüyerek bir ırmak halinde benim doğduğum denize varıyor ve denizle bütünleşiyor. Uzun bir süre içinde yaşadığım göl de fazla sularını ırmağa bir kol aracılığıyla akıtan büyükçe bir su birikintisinden başka bir şey değilmiş. “

    Dönüş yolunda, çağlayana yaklaştıkça, ahtapotu bir düşüncedir aldı. Acaba insanlar onu oralarda bekleyebilirler miydi? Bu yüzde elliye yüzde elliydi.Yani bekleyebilirlerdi de beklemeyebilirlerdi de. Onun orası belli olmazdı.Ahtapot, kesinlikle korkmuyordu. Zaten böyle durumlarda bir idealist için korku en son akla getirilecek bir şeydi. Korkmak için hiçbir neden yoktu. Ahtapot, şöyle bir durum değerlendirmesi yaptıktan, ne olursa ne şekilde hareket edeceğini hesapladıktan sonra, çağlayandan aşağı indi. Suların üstünden, göğsünü gere gere yüzerek, gölün ırmakla bağlantısını sağlayan kolun yanından geçti, gitti.

    Ahtapot, birkaç gün sonra denize vardı. Yıllar önce, genç bir ahtapotken, bir idea uğruna yola çıkmış yıllar sonra, büyük, olgun bir ahtapot olarak işte geriye dönmüştü. Fakat, idea, ideal değildi henüz. Bir idealist, öğrendiklerini başkalarına da öğreterek, onları da bilgilendirmeliydi. Ben, bana yetecek kadar bilgi sahibiyim fazlasını öğrenmesem de olur diyemediğin gibi, ben herkesten çok daha fazla bilgiliyim varsın benim bildiklerimi başkaları bilmeyiversin de diyemezdin. Ahtapot, kısa bir süre dinlendikten sonra girişimlerine başlamak istiyordu. Öğrendiklerini başkalarına da öğreterek onları da bilgilendirecekti. Beyninde kendisinin bilip de başkalarının bilmediği tek bir bilgi kalmayana kadar…

    Yazan: Serdar Yıldırım



    Howard Breslin

    It was a small window with narrow pieces of paper pasted across it to prevent its breaking during the heavy air raids. In the small space at the center that remained, a little man with eyeglasses was carefully setting out his display of clocks and watches. He paid no attention to many Londoners hurrying by to begin another day.
    When he finished placing his merchandise, the little man came out of the shop and stared in the window. He had placed the clocks and watches with great care – the clocks in a row at the back, and in front of them lying flat, a semicircle of watches. All the clocks had their faces neatly divided in the middle by hands that pointed to six oclock all the watches, thin or fat, had their hands pointing straight at three oclock.
    “Yes,” said the jeweler with a satisfied look. “Very nice.”
    About an hour later a passenger got out of the bus at the corner. He was a tall man with a blonde mustache, and he wore a heavy overcoat and black hat. He was slightly lame and carried a cane. He smiled when the policeman at the corner said “Good morning” to him. The lame mans name was Gebhardt, and the policemans superior officers would have been very glad to know that.
    Gebhardt walked slowly, leaning heavily on his cane. The meeting with the policeman never failed to amuse him., and he smiled to himself at the stupidity of the English. Gebhardt looked into the jewelry shop window.
    There was no expression on his face as he looked from the clocks that said six to the watches that said three. He had passed the shop faithfully every day for two weeks, but had never gone in. Gebhardt set his wristwatch and pushed open the door.
    A salesman was talking to the jeweler at the far end of the counter, but they turned as the door shut. The jeweler walked toward Gebhardt and stared at him. “Yes?” asked the little man.
    “My watch,” said Gebhardt. “It seems to have stopped. An hour or so ago.” He took off his watch and laid it on the counter.
    The watchs hands indicated nine oclock. “I see,” said the jeweler, “Stopped.”
    Gebhardt looked toward the salesman but salesman was busy examining a catalogue. The jeweler picked up the watch.
    Gebhardt said: “And you might change the strap. That one is about worn up.
    He leaned against the counter and waited. Once he looked into the back room where the jeweler had taken his watch. He could see the old man, bent over a desk, examining his watch. Gebhardt lit a cigarette and waited.
    It was less then five minutes when the little man came back. He held out the watch with its new strap and Gebhardt put it on. “You should be careful,” said the jeweler. “That is a fine watch.”
    “Yes, I know,” said Gebhardt casually. “And Im sure it will work perfectly now.” He paid the jeweler and left the shop.
    All the way back to his room Gebhardt was conscious of the strap on his wrist, but he did not look at the watch even once. After all, in his business you couldnt be too careful.
    Once inside the small room where he had lived since he first came to London, Gebhardt put aside all appearance of lameness and moved about the room with quick sureness, locking the door, pulling down the curtains. Finally, he lit the light over his desk and took of his wristwatch.
    Working rapidly, he removed the straps from both ends of the watch. Then with a knife he opened the end of the straps and, finally, from one hand took out of a small piece of very thin paper. He spread the paper out on his desk and with a glass began to study the message, which was written in code.
    The message was short and to the point. It read: “Trucks from King Charles Square will transport Regiment 55 tomorrow A.M. Act at once.”
    “So,” said Gebhardt softly. He burned the paper in the ashtray. For a moment he sat thinking. He previously knew that a large number of trucks in King Charles Square would be used to carry soldiers from London to the coast. And somewhere along the route trucks and soldiers would be blown to pieces with explosives.
    Gebhardt drew his suitcase from under the bed and opened it on the desk. From its nest of cotton he picked up one of the bombs. It was wide and flat, quite different in form from the usual, old-fashioned type of bomb. Attached with wire to the bottom of an automobile engine the bomb was deadly when the motor heated.
    He decided to take with him in a small package about fourteen of the bombs. That was about all he could take care of in two hours. He had detailed information on King Charles Square. By midnight all the soldiers and mechanics were gone at two oclock a policeman looked in to check up. Gebhardt was very much pleased with himself. Thanks to Britishs inefficiency, he would have the place to himself between twelve oclock and two oclock.
    Thinking of the importance of time suddenly reminded him, and he put a new strap on his watch and then put the watch on his wrist then he sat very still, looking into space, mentally checking every detail of the plan.
    Gebhardt smiled. Of course! Outside the jeweler shop he had set his watch back sixty-four minutes for the signal to the jeweler. He smiled again as he now moved the minute hand of his watch exactly sixty-for minutes ahead. Never forgetting these small details made him a good secret agent, and he knew it.
    When the time came, Gebhardt moved carefully through the darkness of the blacked-out streets.
    In the alley behind King Charles Square he stopped and looked at his watch. Twelve oclock exactly. Gebhardt smiled. The whole thing was going like clockwork. He waited another ten minutes just to be on the safe side.
    Gebhardt climbed a fence, moved carefully along a narrow space between two buildings, and came out in King Charles Square. He stood a moment, counting the black forms of the trucks.
    Gebhardt moved over to the nearest truck. He set down his package, took some wire and a wire cutter from a pocket. He slid under the truck and felt along the bottom of the engine. Lying flat on his back, working in the dark, he began to wire the bomb to the exact place he wanted it.
    Somebody stepped on his ankle.
    Pain shot up Gebhardts leg, and he bit his lip, not breathing. No, he thought, there cant be anyone here. There is never anyone at this hour. I have checked it many times. But that weight kept pressing into his ankle.
    “All right, mister,” said a voice. “Come out of there.”
    The wire cutter fell down from his fingers. Hands grabbed at Gebhardts legs, pulled. In a panic, he kicked himself loose, got up, and run wildly.
    A man shouted. Someone blew a whistle. A form jumped from nowhere and knocked him to the ground. Gebhardt drove his fist into a face, twice, pulled away free, ran on. He ran into a wall, turned the wrong way. A flashlight focused on him. He turned back but too late.
    “There! Get him!”
    Gebhardt drew his revolver. As he ran, he heard them shout as they came closer to him.
    There was the noise of rapid gunfire behind him, and something struck him in the back. No, thought Gebhardt, the plan was perfect. There was a sharp pain. He said weakly: “No.” He was dead when the soldiers reached him. He lay with his one arm stretched out in front of him, his wristwatch showing the hour

    “Imagine the nerve of the guy!” said a young soldier. “He walked in here as though we didnt even exist. Thats a nice watch he has on. But it broke when he fell.”
    “Its an hour fast,” said a second soldier. “How did that happen?”
    the little jeweler was even more surprised when he read the newspaper report the next day about Gebhardt. “I cant understand it,” he thought. “The man must have been careless. Nothing went wrong on my part. Why, I even set his watch correctly before I gave it back to him.”



    Howard Breslin

    Ağır hava bombardımanında kırılmasını engellemek maksadıyla, dar kağıt parçaları yapıştırılmış, küçükçe bir vitrindi. Vitrinin ortasında kalan küçük yerde, duvar ve kol saatlerini dikkatlice yerleştiren ufak tefek, gözlüklü bir adam görünüyordu. Yeni bir güne başlama telaşı içindeki pek çok Londralıya fazla dikkat ettiği söylenemezdi.
    Ufak boylu adam saatleri yerleştirmeyi bitirdikten sonra, dükkanın dışına çıktı ve pencereden içeriye doğru baktı. Kol ve duvar saatlerini gerçekten büyük bir özen göstererek sıralamıştı arkada bir sıra duvar saati ve onların hemen önünde bir sıra boyunca yarım daire halinde dümdüz uzanan kol saatleri… Bütün duvar saatlerinin akrep ve yelkovanları düzgün bir şekilde saat altıyı bütün ince ve daha kalın kol saatlerinin akrep ve yelkovanları saat üçü gösterecek şekilde ayarlanmıştı.
    “Evet” dedi saatçi, hoşuna gittiğini belli edecek bir bakışla, “Çok güzel!”
    Yaklaşık bir saat sonra, köşede, otobüsten bir yolcu indi. Sarı bıyıklı, kalın bir palto ve siyah bir şapka giyen, uzunca bir adamdı. Az da olsa topallıyordu ve bir bastonu vardı. Köşedeki polis kendisine “Gün

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